Denial by the local Disability Rights Center

2017 Preface: The actions by the DRC was yet another lesson I learned about authority, the boundaries and the ability that anyone in Concord (as the DRC is a special interest group) can also talk to their fellow people like children. As I gotten beaten up in 2015, I learned the hard way that authorities are as hard as our state’s bedrock, where the state and local government is also part of the “Granite” State…hehehe!

The DRC gets tons of requests blah, blah, blah is a load of crap. Yeah tell me that when I call them and was rushed like it was my fault for not understanding.

The next consecutive denial in the Merrimack NH Police Department debacle was the legal assistance organization in Concord called the Disability Rights Center. The organization is a delusional special interest group that thinks New Hampshire is still progressive in special needs services, and yet there was no such thing is discrimination and racially biased police departments.

Like the Merrimack Town Council, I limited the information to the DRC in case they would throw the “kitchen sink” back at me to crush me to death. I basically gave the DRC a basic summary with the following:

I am a resident of Merrimack, NH and I also receive services through [redacted] and presently I am my own guardian. I’m writing this in email because there is so many things already in digital medium, it’s just easier to set up this way and discuss this in other venues later. I need (immediate) assistance from the DRC because I feel that the Town of Merrimack Police Department had harassed me and took advantage of my rights. To try to sum up the story for the intake as much as possible in early April I held signs on town/NHDOT right of way near Exit 10 and 11 of the FE Everett Tpke “waking up” locals to not “Light it Up Blue” which is sponsored by Autism Speaks, an organization that has demonized autism. (I am not an autism advocate personally because of the very radical nature of their politics.) On April 2nd, a man fully loaded with firearms, radio, uniform with the tag “M. Doyle” came to my attention driving into the local Burger King (a town right of way sidewalk abuts this property) in a non NH Municipal Police vehicle (drove in a civilian Ford Five Hundred Sedan) also with civilian plates (and obviously not the MP plates all towns must use for cruisers). I also assumed he was off duty given the vehicle he was driving in. He asked me what I was doing with my DSLR camera, and said it was for personal uses. At the time the camera was pointing to the traffic to get citizen reaction as I also had done shots myself holding the signs to assemble edit for a 3 minute package on YouTube.

I felt awkward and did not confront the dept head until I got some evidence if there was bias at the police department against developmentally disabled people. I emailed the Chief on April 27th late in the evening and claimed ablism and racism in a 4 paragraph email. He only replied to the paragraph of request for records. I replied back that I would report this to the Town Council. But the following morning, I felt I should go to his boss, [name redacted] the town manager before going to the board. She responded very quickly and by 9:30 basically dismissed by concerns by referring to a “report” and saying to me “Expect no further communication from me on this matter.” I found out later that evening of the 28th that a police report was filed on the 2nd without my knowledge. Once I realized that this was a police report, I requested the chief to send it to me. Meanwhile on April 2nd, I asked two times to Doyle “Am I breaking any rules?” and got “No.” two times. He also updated this “report” with the pasted email the night before that included my “signature” with my personably identifiable information, which should’ve not been included in the report at all. Also, I noticed the report’s footer has a private class IP address which is misleading because my fear NCIC, the NSA or the state police internet could be also tied to the same black box. The report has false information, which can be a criminal offense. Meanwhile. I stated my autistic condition in numerous of times throughout all emails, and clearly dismissed me personally

I considered all options and in late June, I made a final decision to go public with this before the Town Council without going into specific names (as that could violate RSA-91’s section for personnel or reputation, etc.) I got a certified letter on Monday that my agenda item request (sent on July 7th via email) was denied because the town council does not discuss personnel matters in general meetings and the complaints of the police chief would be investigated by the town manager (the same woman who said no action on her part and included the council in the email without my permission.)  I also requested to discuss the abusive actions by the Town Manager, and in that sense they are deferring this to their legal counsel for review. The town council has not returned two emails sent on Thursday and Monday just requesting a response and I’ve tried to reach the chief of police to try to fix the problem back to square one between him and I and he was out of the office till today and as of this writing he has not replied back. I’ve informed the town council that I’d get legal action if they continue to deny me to be on the agenda item for denying reasonable first amendment rights and informed the police chief if he doesn’t rectify the problems as stated, that I’d get your agency (or equivalent) involved.

This is a rather brief message, I have an 80 page email dump from late April, including both the agenda item request and the original narrative I was going to discuss to the Town Council.

I wanted to get the general part out for immediate action. I’ve refused to cooperate with the Town Council giving them additional information to consider, unless they call me or meet me in person – which they have refused to, given the no replies. They will give me partial information of the outcome because of the personnel nature of this subject, but I feel that I need some counsel of my own to have a fair defense (or get additional privileged information perhaps). The town has violated the citizens right to have their say as I’ve already stated.

I feel this now an urgent matter, if you can please forward this to the intake people as soon as possible, it would be appreciated. 


An intake attorney named Mr. Zigra had done a telephone intake call in late July. In a 20 minute telephone call, this man already had an opinion. When you see his final ruling, he had twisted some of the words, since men lack details and compassion. Men should be barred for working with special needs if they are going to act like Mister Zigra. The most disturbing thing was he was talking to me like I was a 6 year old, and told me at least 3 times to call the local ACLU (and gave me the telephone number even though I said I have it already) because from what they saw it was only a First Amendment issue, and not  a Fourth Amendment issue with the “search and seizure” and my demonstration was no different if another person came up. The whole Twitter interaction had nothing to do with my disability at all, according to this alleged rich Caucasian from the suburbs of New Hampshire, who majored at  UNH (where many Caucasians party and are racially biased against the autistic population) whom I don’t even know if he knows autistics personally.

He barked at me when I mentioned Autism Speaks and said “I know that. I know Autism Speaks doesn’t allow them to speak” then I cut him off and mentioned Autism Every day and the quoted the piece where the whiney Manhattanite wanted to drive off the GWB, and he got into a defensive position like “I don’t think they are doing that. They aren’t doing something like that.”

He had no open mind to try to be creative to make sure that such legal representation could meet their underlining polices. He was stuck on the Concord narrative in a very delusional way that there is no such problems and he even stated himself he didn’t know much about criminal law.

Well the DRC needs to learn or expect to see law abiding autistics in New Hampshire inprisoned  for questioning authority within civility since its now illegal to be autistic. The rest of this post shows the formal letter of the discussion.

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