What is Causing the Alarm?

By no means, am I dramatizing the Autism Crisis by anyway. There is a problem, a systemic and leadership problem, I explain below

  • Ignorant leaders: People who do not know the subject matter, but know enough to solve the problem (just cut Medicaid – and it will fix all the problems.) People also still are not aware of autism and all the aspects around. This is why I refer it officially as the Autism Spectrum Disorder because the key word is spectrum.
  • Arrogant leaders: The people with Doctor’s degrees that are ether working in local school district units or SAUs, and or other forms of leadership who show off their degrees, and claim they know everything about autism, but sometimes this arrogance stoops to the ignorance  as described above.
  • Not accepting reality. The Capital City of Concord in their defense tries to come of progressive (with DOE, DHHS, and all the special interest groups.) but the real harsh realities are way beyond the Concord city line. From what I know, I find the abstract, rosey ideals not connecting well in the most populated area of this small state. And I’m talking about the Greater Boston area of New Hampshire. These communities of people, of leaders, and peers of the community in general have possibly held a number of people with autism backwards instead of forwards.
  • As previously mentioned on this site, a Commission did a review in 2001, but the ideas took years to come into fruition, if that was even remotely true to many.
  • Digital Divide: experts not well versed in technology (leaving many with developmental disabilities in their own “digital divide”, they could have a PC or mobile device, but not be able to use social applications, i.e. Facebook, etc because of the infamous “creep” factor.)
  • Adults with Autism in the 603 Area Code: Another problem was the lack of services and support as individuals would become of age. In the state of New Hampshire, the cutoff date from SAU to “area agency” services is the 21st birthday, neighboring states is 22 or the same. The experts for whatever reason by arrogance or ignorance or both, just didn’t have good relationships with SAUs and area agencies and education was very limited. Of such, it was not abnormal for many individuals of any developmental disabilities to be on a “wait list” for over 16 to 20 months and be limping around life until funding came around. The “adults in the room” just seemed sit and bicker of it being a “republican fault” or something equivalent thereof. And while all of this was going on, people like me would regress and not only regress, but start to have the first signs of being a “hopeless autistic”
  • Other concerns: Leaders not knowing business or operational skills; preaching on their education as if they knew everything; not using technology to enhance accountability, especially in the #OpenGov movements of the early 2010s, and continual politics within autism and not leave the politics at home.