The Hopeless Autistic’s First Cry for Action



Your humble writer made his mark in a picture-esque statement once again (that shouldn’t be to begin with) bringing deliberate shock value to the locals. (i.e. “WAKE UP!”) Due to the inaccurate messages on the autism spectrum disorder factor in the politics in Concord and the awesome “Managed Care” system (that’s destined to fail) – I’ve yet again took some more gutsy action. Your’s truly had written on the sand the hashtag at Hampton Beach State Park in New Hampshire in August.


I did this after I went into the water late in that day, and in between sending the message of being hopeless and getting my camera (to take a picture of my bold message) I captured a candid shot of a couple young ladies seeing this, and then taking mobile phone shots that most likely went onto a Facebook or Instagram like site. I just skirted around the area till they walked away to get the picture. They did stand there for a while (at least over a minute.)

This is what I’ve been doing over the last seven months after having enough of the same ol crap (for the last 28 years or so) that many various members in state leadership, and various other levels who have done a number of people disservice.

Then a couple of young kids ran around the message not to long after and started to make additional marks, but nothing I don’t think to extend the message. At least it may have made an impact of the said girls.

I do claim ownership of these photos and the message. I just want to make it clear that despite the all the statements and messages and tone on the disorder relevant to adults in the Granite State, I for one am a #hopelessautistic.