Crying like a baby

Some days I cry and some nights before I go to sleep, I cry as well. It’s so bad, I can’t even tear up and you can’t even hear me. Even people tell me I “look like” I’m about to cry.

The emotions, expectations, the potential failures I’ve done on a single day, trying to do the “right” thing has caused me to freeze-up. And of this, I start to just cry. and say to myself “WHY CAN’T I DO THINGS ‘RIGHT’?! WHAT MISTAKE DID I DO TODAY? WHY DO PEOPLE PUT ME UP ON A GODDAMN PEDESTAL BUT THEN KNOCK ME DOWN WHEN I MAKE A SIMPLE, DEMENTED MISTAKE?!” WHY IS THE SYSTEM SO BROKEN?”

And people think only low functioning people are so hopeless… well you’re naive to believe in that! News Alert: MODERATE TO HIGH FUNCTIONING AUTISTICS ARE JUST AS HOPELESS – OR EVEN WORSE!