Autism Speaks Can Go Away in NH

On this blog, I will be explaining (in much greater detail unlike the current self-interest groups of autistics) of Autism Speaks, and not only allowing autistics to speak, but how they have sponsored or even have had broadcast journalist or people in the broadcasting business speak about the disorder without good editorial controls.

Autism Speaks is an organization that is prayed upon by many in the Granite State despite only 4% of its annual funding going to the families themselves. Also a state where they believe churches and charity organizations should be funding all special needs individuals.

Well Autism Speaks won’t help with that.

Isn’t a little funny (not ha-ha funny) that an organization that is advocating a ” communication disorder” the ones that actually actually communicate to begin with? Isn’t a little funny (not ha-ha funny) that the people who run this organization worked in a business where it was important  to make sure you didn’t offend the general population (i.e, running a “Big 3” network, or say a large market TV station)?

More will follow with exclusive content you won’t hear from the far left self-interest groups.