2020: The Year of the Hopeless Autistic

Originally posted as a page on The Hopeless Autistic on October 16th, 2015 at 5:40 pm ET

By the year 2020, people with autistic disorders or families of individuals with autistic disorders may have their own depressive state of emotions. If actions do not get resolved now, things will get worse, of such the following

  • Individuals may be on wait lists for additional services (housing, etc.) even longer
  • Institutions may return in some capacity, ether by force of legislation, or by individuals wanting to be “isolated”
  • “Privacy” cards will be used more to cover up things that are protected under right to know laws
  • Non for Profit agencies may be still not  investigated by Federal Authorities for corruption, as some are currently believed to be dishonest and be doing the public a disfavor
  • “Experts” and continual support to Autism Speaks (an organization clearly, with many facts to back it up to make the autism movement be non existent as they want a “cure” for the disorder) will continue to distort the message, causing people to ether not work for people as Direct Support Professionals, or even avoid contact, be friends, or even worse romantic futures all because of bad communications from “normal” “adults”
  • Suicides or deaths attributed to stress, diabetes, cancer due to stress or inappropriate medications, while it would be officially not be a mortality rate by autism per se, but the sane individual would link the two, because of the negative, oppressive and depressive  environment of the system in the 603 Area Code.

Of such, if actions listed above, do not get reversed, it will lead to individuals to possibly go backwards, not forwards.