The Quick and Dirty Reference to Cisco Call Manager Express

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In seriousness, if you’re all wired at home, or you are interested in wiring up your home for multi line telephony or have the ability to answer calls from a number of phones or internally call people from within… I think given the consolidation and the access to them, the recommended path is to Cisco. As much as I can’t stand a lot of their technology, you do not need to need  to have everything running on Cisco to do Cisco telephony. Being frank. I have switches using Netgear, and I have some third party endpoints.

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The Zoo: Caller Nags on Playing Jordan Peterson Cuts over Liz Plank

On the November 30th episode of the L&R Hour, Steven played several lengthy cuts, of a described feminist who “loves men”. The individual, Liz Plank, author of For The Love of Men,  has more credentials than what the listeners know. It’s very close to Steven’s condition, and his curiosity has peaked so much that your’s truly has attempted to contact her for what it explained in this clip. Steven instead plays these horrible men in a new feature called Whack A Male Wednesday, and obviously hates feedback-loops and avoids getting smitten in the intellectual sense.

Aired on Wednesday, January 19th.

Phase II of the #HopelessAutistic – When it Impacts Me

In my written works of The Hopeless Autistic, I cited the reasons why I felt “hopeless”. That being:

  • They won’t be able to find an ideal, and reasonable day program
  • They won’t be able to find an ideal support staff
  • That they will not be able to have a reasonable and healthy social life
  • And won’t be able to find love

Since the original writings from 2015 to 2017; this has gotten worse. I had been basically let go without warning from my day program in the midst of the pandemic. Support staff is better, and now it’s all 1 on 1 going forward. The social network continued to erode and in fact it wasn’t even strong to begin with, especially with the Facebook-friends. Let’s not even touch love with a 10′ pole, looking back, that was hopeless from the start.

So I was basically right (even though I wanted to be wrong) that in 5 years, the system for individuals with developmentally delayed conditions would get screwed over, and that was pointing to the year 2020. Well COVID19 just distracted all of us. Now that the pandemic is allegedly in a managed situation, the managed care is returning back.

In the next five years, unless a miracle happen (which is slim to none at this point…)

  • Autism or ASD like conditions will continue to not be well known.
  • ASD will not be classified as an “invisible” disability, like it should
  • Ignorance about autism, and arrogance of it’s potential will accelerate
  • Millennials are slowly having children, and they may have an autistic child; but they will be just as clueless as their Boomer parents.
  • The mass ignorance of the general community, and the present lack of strong voices to provide positivity to help people like me to move forward.
  • The biggest fear is I will be written off the books because my disability (despite statistically showing I need a lot of support) because autism is not a physical handicap, and therefore it shouldn’t be funded.  

With my family shrinking, with my social subnet shrinking, no new people are open to me to be part of their life; let’s not even touch the S.O. opportunities at this point, that is clearly Game Over. With the lack of growing, the lack of learning, the lack of forgiveness of others, the lack of general awareness to my group, this is really going to get a HELLUVLA LOT WORSE before it gets even close to “better”.

I was gaslit for saying “the system was on fire” by 2016, and was told the state agency didn’t see it that way. But I saw the cracks and saw the sparks, and now in early 2022, the same thing is coming for my life. I am desperately scrambling for my life of when that dreaded day where I may loose services only because the politics of the dev disabled is only getting worse.

You folks were The First to Know “the system” was on fire in the State of New Hampshire. Hacks like Dan Habib decided to cover it up to instead produce inspiration porn to deceit you. But I am not a filmmaker. I carry an ENG camera and I will continue to speak more assertively in 2022 in the #OutspokenAutistic series of content to wake living fuck of people to understand I could be totally screwed by 2027.


The Zoo: You’re a Torture Artist!

General Michael continues to straighten out Steven and his ego with his acquainted relations to some Very Important People… (Originally aired December 15th)
Steven was a sleepy head and slipped on some words
0:50 – Steven had been in contact with the Voice of Voicemail (though he didn’t meet in person) 1:33 – You’re a 203 Brat… email the voicemail lady!
1:45 – Who Else Have you met?
1:55 – Steven had met a presales lady for a big broadcast tech company in 2018 for a company that rhymes with “Boss”
2:10 – Presales told her Facebook-friends her parents created a humble PBS kids show in ’19 2:50 – You’re hoarding on gigabytes on positivity
3:45 – Mocking Steven’s Poor Me
4:27 – Homework
5:50 – How many people went to the NAB Show ? (Correction 91k)
6:00 – How many people are interested like you 6:11 – You are 1in90,000 on that floor that most other YTers would not hold a candle to?
6:30 – Michael continues to Mock Steven’s Poor-Pitiful-Me
6:57 – Michael Goes Wild w/ Steven Met Anna Nalick (Breathe/2AM) at the Tupleo in Ltown 7:05 – What are you Hiding? You’re such a Torture Artist!
7:24 – Do The Last Decade of All the Great Things
7:40 – you didn’t have a job or relationships, but you had a lot of other experiences.
8:25 – I’ll have to hand you a pacifier!


The First L&R Episode (March 5th, 2021)

The Love & Relationships Hour began on March 5th, as a way to vent about the ongoing situation with Melanie leaving me. Due to Mel’s legal eagles, I was not recommended to talk on the air in case something Melanie felt was offensive. For the first couple of months it was called just the Relationships hour. By June 15th, it was rechristened as the Love & Relationships Hour (running at 10pm ET.)

Since the original airing, I realized the issue was not women per se, but the masculine, aggressive, Type A personalities that I had indirectly been attracted by, but not attracted to. This episode was not to indict women either. The reason why my relationship with Melanie had continued was the lack of a positive female in my life, dating back to the days in grade school, specifically in the middle school age.

L&R Hour: Steven Does a Live Reaction to an apparent pro-male feminist

A frequent caller had dropped the name Liz Plank into Steven’s brain on the November 30th episode. Steven had only little knowledge of that individual to much of his chagrin was pretty shocking to his views of himself. Steven missed her “progressive” views in midst of this cut down edit. Cuts used was an appearance on The Rising in 2019, a TEDx appearance, as well as a piece for Bloomberg digital platform. Also the Media Composer was a diva so there is more jump cuts in this clip.

Outspoken Autistic: How Will Your People Handle You on Your Worst Day?

The worst days in my life was when I was in 6th grade. The six years of elementary school for it to all go to hell in a matter of weeks. I had constant meltdowns, I was physically aggressive, and screamed, yelled, and cried often.

As I got much older, much of the other elements of the aggressions changed, and was more subtle, or more controllable. Unlike the days of 6th grade, the rough days were sporadic and less consistent.

In the last 10 years, I have been one of those guys who jumped from one program to another because of mutual conflict. But some of this resulted in one of those Worst Days ever, according to them. As a result of not forgiving the individual, they shut them out.

In the case of my last day program, I flipped out on a summer day in 2019, the one on one DSP basically gave up on me within a few months. Obviously I can’t control how she felt, but at the same time, she lacked the ability to forgive me for any of my mistakes during some of those heated moments. And it wasn’t all my fault (I mean I don’t wake up and choose to be stubborn and lack empathy because the DSM-says-so.)

What happens if I get permanent work? What happens if I have an S.O.? What happens with both see a “worst day” and give up on me? How can I accept they give up on me if they don’t have perspective? Are you telling me that I am supposed to accept that and then take more flack instead of slack?

What do you do when you have the worst day ever? Why do you get the slack, when I get the flack?


Lacking Self-Forgiveness

Living with a DevDisability is a really painful situation, even if you’re the higher functioning type. You get lumped into the low functioning stereotypes. My group and myself were not taught to love our quirks, we were ordered to look in the mirror and creep the ever living eff out of ourselves.

When someone in the PDD spectrum says “I’m sorry” or tears up on an effup, this isn’t by accident, it’s really by design.

“The system”, the so called collective clusterfuck of Special Education, and adult day programs and support staff are taught by a collective group think, the individual’s support must be on the negative, and not supporting the positive, because for centuries the negativity must always be addressed and be very pervasive.

‘typical professionals are rewarded for enhancing negative stereotypes, calling out the stereotypical behavior and a feedback loop of insecurities.

Because it was so burned-in that I had to catalog all my deficits, that I thought perhaps starting anew with familiar faces would be the trick, or slightly talk to the estranged family part of what I had to go through. Regardless, by late 2019, neither trick worked. Given COVID killing 2020, and the hangover of this year, I start 2022 trying to figure out another challenge of the past, how to forgive my deficits that was so exploited for more than twenty years of my life.

Personalities such as narcissistic behaviors is a major factor in how my group is treated, that will be a future discussion point.