Chronicles of a Corrupted Childhood, Episode 6 – D Block (“…Dumping Someone You Admire – Even if you think she’s hot like ‘roni pizza!”)

Triple-C goes to Throwback Mode and playing an open from WSVN-7 in it’s early tabloid years. The callers call in mostly in regards to Episode 5, part two and the more popular subject, Liz Plank ranging from if I had an elevator pitch, if I had attempted to connect to her directly, why, and how and hate from Joey from the Fake I87 plus some off-podcast subjects like from Myles. Originally streamed May 26th, 2022 at 11:00pm ET

Chronicles of a Corrupted Childhood, Episode 6 – B Block

The latest of the Tcxas School shooting (this is no longer available to see on YouTube as this narrative has been revised severely.) Also included is Jordi and John Grey dissecting the development of boys in a 2018 podcast that they thought explains the mind of a school shooter. Originally streamed, May 26th at 9:35 pm ET

Chronicles of a Corrupted Childhood, Episode 6 – A Block

On this A-block, Steven follows up on May 19th’s episode where he got Pissed off on (Liz) Plank’s horrible column that if she had changed the paragraphs around, it wouldn’t be like another confusing read like For The Love of Men. Steven got so livid after seeing another Instagram Post around 7pm that night, he went onto his newsgathering Twitter account implying a very sarcastic hopelessness of him and the news industry and spooked one of the well-known Boston newsies (without intention for anyone to act, “Unexpected Attention”), and not only was this spook replied but retweeted! So is Liz Plank an Influencer? Well if your messaging on family planning is that bad, well perhaps she is! Orignally streamed at 9:10 pm ET on May 26th, 2022

Chronicles of a Corrupted Childhood, Episode 5, part two

This episode was streamed and originally recorded on May 19th, 2022 on a day Steven will not forget. The day started with him watching a Candice Owens video posted a couple days before on men, masculinity, etc. As the day went on, most of that weight went from a tight right, to a left of center “feminist that loves men”, Liz Plank who wrote a shoddy column, dumping data with no context, that got his blood boiling as he had got a new AT-2050 microphone and the guy at the local shop was wondering what it would be used for and when Steven said “podcast” he thought of Joe Rogan. Steven’s shopping experience also worsened as the girls at the local AEO was just kinda assuming because Steven’s a guy, that he wants to just get out. By 7:00pm, it got even worse if Steven could just help himself to not be seduced to another Instagram post from Plank and Steven went Livid over Liz and went Crazy on Candy.

By the time 9:00pm comes around, Steven just felt like he wasn’t enough. Followed with pissing on his father. Steven was so crazy and livid, he had to recall the stream, and assemble edit the pieces to put back online. This was the first ever edit of any of his programs that had to be assembled-edit from scratch only because his editorial judgements was so beyond control.

The Zoo: L&R Special

This was recently published. I took a bunch of the most amusing cuts from the last year and put them together uncut for an hour plus long special on the Love & Relationships Hour. When using the edits for Rewind 2021, they were flash cuts, and you missed the context of many of the most amusing, to the most cringe.

I really do stand by my work with the L&R Hour for me it was the most success in doing the live streams and podcasts. Regardless of it, none of this work would be submitted for a Webby, a local Emmy, Peabody or what have you. If someone gets a kick, then that’s my success.